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Hetaliarp: A History
Post by Arthur Kirkland on Nov 30th, 2017, 11:33pm

So I created this site about maybe seven years ago. I got into Hetalia VERY quickly when I was 16. Luckily I never really had a "weeb phase", however I was an incredibly irritating person.

Me and my Right-Hand-Admin, Alfred F. Jones used to dick around roleplaying, without really anybody else. After some time, of course, people started to join. Not very many people, and none of them doing particularly anything of note, but we were finally a small gathering of anime losers.

I never bothered to censor roleplaying or control what people wanted to roleplay because I figured if they were doing it here, at least it wasn't on a popular site where the world would laugh at them. Us. I wasn't free from the neverending smog of embarrassment that this site was engulfed in. For a while we had writing contests, with no prizes of course. I was almost constantly in character, which was terrible for both me and the other members. For the record, I was a terrible admin. And things only got worse when the drama began.

Not naming names, because I don't remember any, a mini war began between some of the members. People ended up hating each other over anime characters, and the weird, vaguely sexual roleplays that were going on. It was a shit show. So eventually, that coupled with the inevitable but wonderful thing that is growth of character, people started to leave. I was thankful to be away from this site, and glad that I came away mostly unscathed.

Now, in the November of 2017, I have returned, to remove the more embarrassing parts of this site, archive others and rebuild. In case any old members ever come back, I'm sorry I was such a dick, you were all pretty great, and just remember, those terrible roleplays we all did are gone, but not forgotten. Well, at the moment they're not gone, but they will be. Maybe I'll keep one or two. Historical Artefacts. S

Arthur Out.