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Feb 25th, 2018, 08:56am

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Topic Summary
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: Apr 24th, 2012, 5:03pm
It was beautifull spring day,flowers were blumming,bees were bussing ,butterflies were flying. In a park not far away from the forest ther were two nations enjoing themselfs on that day. One of them, Canada was siting under a big tree and reading history book of England out loud ,while girl named Slovenia sat on the tree branch and was weawing a flower garland with daisies. Slovenia wore a beutifull blue dress with sleeves and white stocks to her knees. In her hair she had a bow the same colour as dress. On that branch was also a cute kitty with curl,Itabby , who was watching girl at her work. As Canada was reading an amazing chapter about Whilliem the qouncerer,slovenias black shoe block the view as her left foot hang from branch. Canada moved his look from book and said as he pushed her foot away : ,, Slovenia. I`m reading. Could you move your foot away, please.? ,,
Girl replayed : ,, Oh,sure . I`m listening. ,,
She also tided her dress,causing some picked daisies to fall. Her friend continued reading and she finnished the daisy garland .Then she put it on itabbys head and as it fell on its eyes, Slovenia giggled a little. Itabby shook with his head and garland ended on canadas head. Slovenia giggled one more time,then she stooped as blushing Cananadian put the book down and took garland down from his head.
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: Apr 26th, 2012, 5:46pm
Girl said: ,, I`m sorry Matthew ,but how can I pay attencion to a book with no pictures in it?,,
He sighed,then replayed: ,, There are many books in this world without pictures.,,
Slovenia thought a little and said a bit daydreaminglly: In this world perhaps,but in my world books will be nothing more,but pictures.,,
Canada raised an eyebrow : ,, Your world? That would be amazing,but is still nonsence. ,,
Then he continued reading the book. Girl lifted Itabby in her lap and said: ,, That`s it,Ittaby. If i had a world of my own everything would be noncenses.Nothing will be as it is,because it will cange. You see ?,,
As she put cat back on branch it said meow,which sounded like ,, no,, .
Slovenia jumped down and as she turned to cat,she said: ,, In my world you wouldn`t say meow. You would say Si,miss Slovenia. ,,
She also did a curtcy. Itabby said only meow. Girl picked him up and walked with him in arms to daisyfield. While she was walking she said to her pet:,, Oh,but you would Itabby and all the other animal too. Because in my world .,,
As they came to daisies,she placed cat down and started singing:

Cats and rabbits,
would reside in fancy little houses
and be dreesed in shoues
and hats and trouses

In a world of my own
all the flower would
have very exsra special powers
They would sit
and talk to me for hours
when I`m lonley in a world of my own

Slovenia saw a blue bird,who sang a litle,before it flew to have a bath in brook.
She gave bird a nice curtcy ,while siting wih daisies blooming around her.

There`d be new birds
lots of nice and friendly
how-do`ya do birds
Everyone would have
a dosen bluebirds
within that world of my own

Then she stood up and sat by riverback,watching her rerlection in wather. Ittaby followed her and sat close to girl.

I could listen do a babbling brook
and hear a song
that i could understand
I keep wishing
it could be that way,
because my world
would be a wonderland.
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: Apr 29th, 2012, 8:17pm
Just a miute ago a boy with short blond hair and violent eyes,dressed in white shirt, black waist coat and black trousers came and stopped not far away fom riverback. He had white bunny ears and a pocket watch. Slovenia looked at him and said with supriese: ,, Finland ? ,,
Finland looked at his watch and said : ,, Oh,my i`m late . ,,
He ran away and girl followed him calling: ,, Mr.Finland. Wait,please. ,,
Finlnlad tunred back of a minute and said,before he ran into rabbit hole: ,, I dont have time.I`m late.I`m really late. ,,
Girl went inside the hole and ittaby was right behind her. She said to cat : ,, You know Itabby. We really sholdn`t be doing this. We haven`t been invited and curiousity leads to trooooouble. ,,
While she was moving,she fell from cliff and her cat watched as his mistress disapeared . Slovenia fell and sudenlly her dress slowed her fall. Then after a few minutes of falling,she landed safelly in a corridor. Slovenia saw finland before he ran on. She followed him until she came to the room with table and small door. On table there were key and bottle with note drink me. Girl came to the table and took key in her hands,then she noticed a small door. Maybe i can open the door by using this key she thought.
As she came to door she said: ,, I`m too big to go through. The door is small. ,,
She went to table,put the key and took a bottle in hands.,, I wonder what happens if i drink it. I still need to be carefull. What if it is poison ,, she said to herself.
She drank it and put the bottel down. It was strange feelling and girl shrinked to the doors height.

,, Wonderful. I can go through the door. She said,but then she remebered the key.
,, Oh ,no. I fogot the key and now I`m too small. ,,
Then she saw a small plate with cookies saying eat me.
I`ll take a small bite. They look delicious. she thought and bit in one of cookies. She grew until she almost hit her head with celling.
,, Now i`m huge. I will never get out of here. ,, she said and started crying.
After a few minutes of crying ,slovenia shrinked again on bottles heigh and poor girl,soacked to the skin,climbed inside the flowing bottle. It was carried away by wawes .
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: May 1st, 2012, 4:11pm
While she was carried away, she thought : ˝Will I ever return back to canada and itabby ? ˝
Then suddenly bottle turned around and Slovenia found herself back in the sea. As she almost lost all hope, she saw land and swam to it. But as she came out of water to dry, a voice said ,well more shouted (a little) : ˝Hey, you won`t dry that way. You will run the caucos race. Come with me! ˝

Slovenia looked around and in front of here stood Germany. He was a dodo,more like general dodo. She followed dodo and ran the race . After 20 minutes of endless running,Slovenia saw finland running into wood and she ran after him. After a few minutes she stopped to catch her breath . She didn˙t notice two a bit boincing curls not far away from her ,hidden in a bush
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: May 5th, 2012, 12:55pm
Then two voices were heard: ,, There is someone there. Lets go take a look. ,,
Slovenia was confuesed ,then two figures came to her. They were italy brothers Veneziano and Romano. Both of them wore green shorts and red and white t- shirts . Slovenia stood there speechless. Then Veneziano said: ,, Ve~ . There is a cute girl,fratello. ,,
Romano turned to Slovenia and said: ,, Ciao. I`m Tweendleedum and that is my fratello Tweendleede. ,,
She said as she did a cutsy: ,, Pleased to meet you. My name is Slovenia. ,,

Then they asked her to play hide and seek and she said yes. They played and after play twins told Slovenia a story of walrus and coppiter and how the fulled oysters . She listened to story and after the story she said to twins: ,, That was amazing story. Thank you . I will go to look for a white rabbit now. ,,

She smiled to both of them and kissed fist Felis and then romanos cheek. They blushed and kissed Slovenia together . She blushed too and wawed them goodbey as she went to look for Finland. Both twins waiwed goodbey with smiling on their faces. Girl turned to them and smiled ,before she went on. Those twins didnt change a bit thought Slovenia as she came to the garden gate of beautifull house. She knocked on them and a moment later a voice was herd: ,, Marry-ann. Where is that girl ? Im late. ,,
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: May 11th, 2012, 7:53pm
It was Finland looking for his gloves. As slovenia entered the garden and almost came to the door, it suddenlly opened and finland stood there for a minute,then he said: ,, You miss. Can you go upstairs and bring me gloves? Hurry,please,please. I will be late. ,,
Girl went inside the house and upstairs to bedroom. A pair of white glowes was on bed and as Slovenia picked them,she saw a a cokie on table. She went to table ,pick the cokie and took a small bite. Then as she went to door,she started to grow. Finland looked on his watch before he turned and said: ,, Miss,where are my glows? I...... aaaaah! Monster! Help, there is a monster in my house! Help! ,,
Poor slovenia was huge again and house was small. Finland ran to look for help,then after a few miutes he returned with dodo. So they talked and talked until a whistle was heard. Just a few munutes latter there was Prussia dressed as chimmney sweep with a long ladder and his bird Gilbrd was flying close to him.
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: May 24th, 2012, 07:00am
Germany saw him and told prussia to pull the monster out. As prussia heard word monster,he looked at Slovenia and said : ˝It is unawsome. Monster is so huge. I cant pulled her out. ˝
Dodo pushed the awsome prussia to the ladder and they got up together. Finland just stood and watched . After finally arriving on the roof, the had a small argument before prussia went into chimmney . A black cloud came from fire place and Slovenia sneezed. Prussia flew out of the chimney like a rocket and landed on tree. Then he fall of into nearby bush .Both germany and Finland stood near the garden withouth idea. Slovenia noticed a garden patch with carrots. As she reached to pick on of them, finland ran to carrot patch and grabed a carrot. Slovenia picked both Finland and carrot. Poor finland,scared to death was screaming :˝ No. Please let me go.Please dont hurt me . Help. Please dont hurt me ! ˝
Slovenia looked at poor scared finland and said: ˝ I wont hurt you. There are gloves on my dress. I will put you down on my dress and you will pick them. Can I eat this carrot,so that i will be small again please? ˝
Finland stooped screaming and said,still a bit shaking: ˝Ooookkk. Yeeeesss. Yooou caan. ˝
Slovenia said : ˝Thank you. ˝˝

Then she put finland on her dress and he picked his white gloves.Slovenia bit into carrot and she was getting smaller. Finland ran and Slovenia,who was small followed him until meadow.
She said to herself : ,, I will never find finland this small. ,,
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: May 25th, 2012, 12:06pm
Then some butterflies flew pass her and landed on the nearest leaf. Slovenia looked at butterflies and said : ˝What a strange butterflies.˝
Then a voice said : ˝You tottally mean bread and butter butterflies. ˝
Girl turned around and saw many flowers. Then she looked at unusually fly. She said : ˝A horse fly.I mean it is a rocking horse fly. ˝
A voice said again : ˝like naturally. ˝
Girl turned around again and saw a red rose with cute face of a nation named Poland smiling at her. Slovenia said a bit unsure : ˝Flowers usually dont talk. ˝
Then rose leaned closer to her and said : ˝Of course we can talk,my dear.˝
Then another flower said:˝ If there is anyone we are talking to. ˝
Slovenia looked to the third flower with sweet face and short blond hair.It was Belgium and she said : ˝or about.˝
Then she gigled a little. Not far away from slovenia ,small flowers Chibiitalia,Chibiromano , Holly rome and Chibiprussia said all together: ˝And we sing too. ˝
Slovenia was supriesed.All flowers wanted to sing different songs,but Poland said : ˝Girls.We shall sing Golden afternoon. That is like the song of all of us. ˝
Slovenia sat down on leaf chair and flowers began to sing. She was listening to the beautifull song and they also invited her to sing with them. Girl sang with them . After the song Poland bowed and Slovenia applaused ,while saying : ˝Wow,that was wonderfull. ˝
Rose smiled and said: ˝thank you my dear and your dress is beautifull. ˝
Slovenia blushed and said : ˝Thank you . Could you tell the way to home or do you know someone who can help me? ˝
Everyone were quiet ,but Lilly said: ˝There is a catapilar not far from here. He can help you. Beyond the grass you will see colour smoke.Follow it and you will come to the catapilar . ˝
Girl looked at flowers and said :˝ Thank you for your help and allowing me to sing with you. It was beautifull. I will go now.Goodbey.Have a nice time. ˝
She wawed and followed lilys instructions.

song that flowers are singing:

Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: Jun 4th, 2012, 7:43pm
After a few minutes of walking she came to one of the mushrooms.On the mushroom there was an aristocratic man wearing a blue coat and was smoking.
Slovenia came closer to the mushroom and said : ˝Excuse me sir. Could you help me,please?˝

A figure turned and Slovenia stood there speachless .It was Austria. He asked : ˝Who are you ? ˝
Slovenia did a curtcy and said : ˝Im really sorry for disturbing you. My name is Slovenia. Lily told that you can help me. ˝
Austria looked at her and said to himself : ˝i will play some music after this moment . ˝
Then he turned to Slovenia and asked : ˝What is exccacatlly your problem? ˝
Slovenia was supriesed,but she said : ˝Well. Im lost and small.could you show me they way home please? ˝
Austria blew a cloud of smoke and she ducked the last minute. Then he said : ˝Im afraid i cant. The cheshire cat will show you the way. I have two helpfull hints. One side will make you grow taller. The other one will make you shorter. Follow the dark pink road and you will find the cat. Use the mushroom. ˝
Then a strange light came and infront of Slovenia ,Austria turned inro butterfly and flew away.

Girl wawed goodbey and took two pices of mushrom,one from each side. After two tries,she was finally big and went to the scarry forest before her.
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: Jun 7th, 2012, 1:48pm
Slovenia slowlly walked in dark and scarry forest . She was a bit afraid and said to herself :˝ Will i find my way home ? This forest is scarry. ˝

On one of the tree branches was someone looking at Slovenia. It was the chesire cat,french chesire cat. It was long time since somone went through the forest . Slovenia looked around a bit nervous and afraid. She thought : ˝Where is cheshire cat? Austria told me that i will find him in this forest.˝
Then as she went pass a bush a rustling noice was heard. Girl looked around one more time as she said : ˝Hellloo. Issss ssssomeone theeere? ˝
Sudenlly out from bush jumped Frenchire cat calling : ˝W`at a cute girl. ˝
Slovenia screamed in fear and walked back until she hit the tree trunk. She closed her eyes shaking from fear. She heard a voice as figure stopped and said : Bonjour . Im sorry for scarrying you. You re beautifull . ˝
Slovenia opened her eyes and in front of her stood france with purple and pink tail,clawd hands and purple ears. She was speachless as he came closer and kissed her hand. She blushed and said : ˝Hi. My name is Slovenia. Are you the cat ? ˝
There was smile on frances face as he said : ˝ Oiu. Zat is me. Ze big brozer of Wonderland . ˝
Slovenia calmed and asked : ˝Could you show me the way home,please? ˝
France only pointed to the sign saying Mad hatter . Slovenia sighed and asked : ˝Could you take me to hatter ,please? Maybe he can help me. ˝
France looked at her and said : ˝oui. It is zis way. Follow me. ˝
Slovenia walked close to him and he put an arm around her.Slovenia blushed again.
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: Jun 26th, 2012, 09:03am
While they were walking like two love doves on a nice walk, France told her a little about not getting allong with the hatter. He couldnt remeber the reason why. Slovenia looked around and they finally came out of scary wood. She sighed in relief. They walked a little,then they stopped. Not far away was a fence and at the door was a sighn No cats allowed. Slovenia thought: ˝I wonder,why hatter doesnt like cats. ˝
France leaned closer to her as he said : ˝ `ere we are. You are really beautifull madmoseillle.˝

He almost kissed blushing girl,when a cup hit him in a head and and angry voice said : ˝Show off,you bloody wanker. ˝
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: Jun 26th, 2012, 09:05am
Slovenia looked around and gasped in supriese. There stood England,wearing a hat with even price on piece of white paiper. France rubbed his head and said looking at England: ˝Ow.zat hurts. I was just ecsorting this lovelly young lady,you black sheep.˝

England gave france an angry look,then he took Slovenias hand and took her to the big table.
France wawed to Slovenia and said : ˝ See you soon,cherie.˝
then he went his way.
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: Aug 25th, 2012, 5:16pm
England and Slovenia camr to table,when a voice said: ˝We dont have any room.No room.˝
Slovenia looked at the table and saw America with bunny ears.He was march hare. England gave America an angry glair and said : ˝We can still find a room for young lady.˝
Then he looked at Slovenia and said : ˝ Dont worry about hare my dear.He is a nutburger. Now where could i put you. oh,here is an empty spot.˝
A quiet voice said : ˝But this is my seat.˝
Girl was supriesed,when she saw Canada as dormouse. He was so cute. Slovenia sat beside Canada and England poured the tea in her cup. She said : ˝thank you. im sorry for disturbing your tea party.˝
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: Aug 29th, 2012, 8:03pm
England sat down on his chair. He smiled before he asked her : ˝What are you doing all alone in Wonderland miss--? ˝
Slovenia smiled : ˝My name is Slovenia. Well,i m trying to come back to a friend matthew. I need to...˝
She was cut off ,when hare said ˝clean cup.move down !˝
Then he grabbed girls hand as she almost finished drinking her tea and pulled her so fast to the next seat,that she got dizzy. Everyone moved fast to the next seat . England looked at the girl,who said after calming down :˝ i really need to find a way home.Please could you help me? ˝
Everyone were quiet and supriesed ,then Canda said :˝ Well, i heard that queen is very good in finding things.Maybe she can help you. ˝
Posted by: Slovenia Posted on: Sep 22nd, 2012, 05:28am
Slovenia smiled and asked : ˝Where can i find the queen? ˝
Canada looked at girl with blushing cheeks and said: ˝She lives in royal palace,but she doesnt like visitors. Dont worry,you can go through royal garden. You will get there if you follow the sighn . ˝
Slovenia looked at England and said: ˝Thank you for helping me. I need to go. I hope i will see you again. ˝

England smiled and waived with his hand ,while America said: ˝Would you like some scones? ˝
Slovenia said: ˝No,thank you. ˝
She stood up and was ready to go,when canada stood up and said:˝I will show you the way.˝

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