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Brainwashing powers
Post by Kairi4ever16 on Jul 13th, 2015, 02:32am

(USE YOUR OC) You wake up one day after having a weird dream. The dream was of some weird type of syringe entering you. After you leave home, you accedently brainwashed someone with ether your eyes,voice,or touch. The military is after anyone with your powers. Will you join them, or stay a brainwasher?
Re: Brainwashing powers
Post by Kairi4ever16 on Jul 13th, 2015, 02:45am

Yuna Sonoda is a normal girl until one day she had a strange dream. She was strapped to a table and someone with a syringe came and injected something where her heart should be. When Yuna woke up, she realized it was just a dream. She goes for a walk, and when she bumps into someone, she brainwashes him with just her touch. Once the military found out, she lives a double life. Her social life a 16 year old girl named Yamikai Mochida, and a life of crime of a 16 year old girl name Yuna Sonoda. (When living her crime life, she wears a Kitsume mask that covers her eyes and nose.