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Nov 19th, 2017, 07:36am

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xx Retribution
« Thread started on: Aug 2nd, 2012, 02:37am »

(Loosely inspired by Ivan's Moments in History thing, though I've held onto this idea for a while, in fact, when I was actually learning about it in class, but I was too lazy to type it up. ^^')

They were burning... Screaming... They had done nothing wrong! It wasn't fair! There was an ageement in place!

Tearfully, Canada pulled himself off the ground. The year was 1814. A small burn, accompanied with a charred patch on his lower pant leg, were the only obvious marks of what had just happened. Despite agreements made between him, America, and England to not burn any more cities down in warfare, a small village by Lake Erie had just been wantonly burned down by the rebellious Yankee. Lives lost... Things destroyed without reason... The women and children crying... The gunfire... Livestock being shot... What did these people ever do to anyone?! Canada looked out onto the charred ruins of over 40 buildings and scattered bodies of man and beast alike, and suddenly, something within him iced over. It was about time for a little retribution.

England was organizing a troop of soldiers sent for the current war with America. That scoundrel had just attacked Canada in some ridiculous bid to claim some territory or strike terror into the people's hearts or some such nonsense. He finished packing the supplies and was about to move out when he heard footsteps. Turning to see who it was, England gave a small start in surprise.

Canada stood there, a chilling glare on his face. The burnt patch on his leg, still fairly new, gave off a few eerie wisps of smoke. In one hand he held a musket, and in the other, a torch and some matches. When he spoke, his voice was cold and sharp:

"America just earned himself some payback."


Later that year, America stood in shock at the blazing ruin that was once his capital. If it wasn't for the convenient storm coming, he would be so very screwed. Dude.

Standing over the smouldering buildings, Canada just smirked.
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