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Nov 19th, 2017, 07:30am

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xx Hobby-Hobby pisstake/Bimbo fetish story USUK
« Thread started on: Oct 16th, 2012, 1:48pm »

Arthur was drunk. Horribly, horribly, paraletically drunk. He was slumped across the bar, a glass of gin and tonic, half empty, in one hand. The other hand was resting firmly on Alfred's back with his fingers arched, digging into his skin. With a tired, sickly groan, he sat up, swaying slightly as he tried to focus his eyes on Alfred's face. The drunken Brit's face seemed full of confusion for a brief moment as he turned his body to face the American, keeping a firm grip on the glass he held in his hand. Alfred watched him, his eyes cold and annoyed. He didn't understand why he had to clean up after Arthur's mess, look after him when he got drunk. Scowling, Alfred tried to hold the Brit steady as he swayed on the bar stall, almost toppling it over. Downing the drink, Arthur's mouth opened and closed a few times, his face still almost cutely confused. Eventually, he managed to find the words that he wanted.
"Y-you know..." The Brit slurred, focussing his eyes finally, his mouth curving up into a slight smirk. "You'reah... you'reaaah... fat... barshtard..." It hadn't been the first time Arthur had insulted Alfred that evening, and Alfred was sick of it. Especially as the insults now were not even being thought about. He was just slurring nonsense now. It was pathetic. Sighing, Alfred grabbed Arthur suddenly and threw him over his shoulder.
"Come on... a-hole... We're going home..." He growled, walking out of the pub, ignoring Arthur's violent protests and cries for help. "Shuddup..." He walked, making sure Arthur could barely squirm in his strong grasp.

Once they were home, Alfred slung Arthur down on the cold floor of the kitchen, his face red, his eyes glaring, teeth bared. "What the f*ck is it with you?!" He yelled, grabbing the back of Arthur's head. "You're so pathetic! Why would you even drink that much?!"
There was no reply from Arthur, just a drunken giddy confused face, mixed with pain and tears. He was sat on his knees, staring up at Alfred sadly. The look on his face made Alfred smirk nastily. He pulled the Brit back onto his feet, holding him in place.
Slowly, Alfred raised one finger in front of Arthur's face and began to sway it gently, side to side... back and forth. He grinned as Arthur's eyes slowly slid back and forth with it, his eyes focussed on it completley. "That's it, Artie... Just watch it..." He whispered, holding Arthur still. Arthur whimpered slightly.
"What... doing...?" He mumbled, finding himself barely able to speak.
"Listen to me, Arthur... only to me... You like to hear the sound of my voice commanding you, Artie~. It makes you feel soooo gooood~." He smirked wider as Arthur's face flushed. The slow swaying of his finger continued. Slowly, sleepily, swaying back and forth... back and forth... meanwhile, another hand reached down and stroked at Arthur's crotch. "So... Gooood~" He whispered seductivley.
Arthur moaned softly, his face flushing a deeper red. "Aah... Ahh..." He whimpered in an attempt to speak. He gasped quietly as his member was brushed, biting his lip. The words seeped into his already weakened mind, causing his member to harden. Another moan escaped his lips.
(( will continue this later, guys. Promise. ))
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