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Nov 19th, 2017, 07:30am

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 thread  Author  Topic: Kinky shit that no one wants to read?  (Read 189 times)
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xx Kinky shit that no one wants to read?
« Thread started on: Nov 14th, 2012, 08:56am »

"Fuuuuck..." America held his crotch, his legs crossed. "Iggy... Hurry uuuup..." He whined, standing outside the bathroom door. "I need to pee..." Groaning, he leant against the wall, his face flushing red as he held himself tighter, in the hopes of not springing a leak. He gasped, whimpering quietly as a small damp patch formed on his trousers.

England was finding this very funny, especially considering that he wasn't even in the bathroom. America was just being stupid. But still, it was very funny to watch him squirm. The Brit watched him from the bedroom door, chuckling quietly as the American waited to use the bathroom.

"Shit dude what the hell are you doing in there?!" His voice was cracking, and full of desperation. "Come on man, this isn't funny!" He slammed into the not-even-locked door, yelping as he felt himself spill a little more. "Please Iggy... I'll piss all over your floor..." The threat was childish and moody.

"Don't you dare!" England stepped forward, slamming the door open and shoving America in the bathroom. Sadly, the sudden appearance had made America jump. A dark, wet stain appeared on his trousers, growing larger with each second. Jumping back, Arthur stared at him, his eyes dark and angry.

"You weren't even in there?!" A cloudy yellow puddle now surrounded America. "Why didn't you tell me?!" His face flushed deep red, and tears welled up in his eyes. He had never been so embarrased in his entire life.

"I never said I was!" He retorted, his own cheeks flushing slightly. With a sigh, he turned around and walked back into the hallway, loosing his patience. "Clean yourself up..."

"W-wait..." America grabbed England's wrist with a piss-stained hand. "You do it..." His voice had gone back to it's childish, pleading tone. He tugged the blond man closer, still standing in his own piss.
"Do what?!" England pulled his wrist away, stepping back from the foul-smelling American.

"Clean me up!" There was a short pause, in which England stared at America, and he stared back. England looked horrified and embarrased for the American, unsure of what to say. America, on the other hand, looked pleading and humiliated, tears now burning in his eyes and spilling down his cheeks. "It's your fault... clean me up..."

With a growl, England pulled off Alfred's shirt, shoving him onto the toilet and throwing the shirt over the puddle. America squeaked and whimpered, squirming out of the soaked trousers and boxers and throwing them onto the floor.

"You are such a f*cking baby..." America's thighs were now being dabbed with a wet cloth, he bit his lip as it brushed against his crotch. England smirked, and 'accidentally' brished it again, watching his member twitch slightly. America's cheeks flushed red again, tears threatening to fall again. Slowly rubbing the cloth up to America's testicles, England chuckled quietly."How long has it been since I've had to do this?"

"Sh-shut up..." He spoke shakily, pushing Arthur's hands away as he realised how horny this was making him. England was doing this on purpous, he knew it. But he couldn't help loving how England was babying him. "Th-that's enough..." Shoving England away, he ran out the room, naked, and dived into their bedroom, leaving Arthur to clean up his mess.
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xx Re: Kinky shit that no one wants to read?
« Reply #1 on: Nov 14th, 2012, 11:07pm »


You... Jesus...



Never mind. I'm pming this to you.
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