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Sailor Asia
Post by MacauSan on Jun 6th, 2012, 8:12pm

Chapter 1

“Maccy breakfast is ready” called a voice from the kitchen

“Ok” said the voice of a fully woken up Macau as he joins his father at the breakfast table to eat with them before he heads off to school.

“Here’s your lunch” said Portugal as he hands his son’s lunch as soon Macau finished eating

“Thanks Papa. I’ll see you later you as well Mama” said Macau as he looked at photo of his mother who was killed in car accident when he was five years old or so he thought so with everything in hand he was off to school. On the way there he saw a gang of grade school boys picking on a black cat

“HEY!! Leave that cat alone!” yelled Macau as the kids scattered leaving the poor cat “Kids these days…”
As he picks up the poor creature it wiggles in his arms and meowed like until Macau slowly removes the bandage on his forehead to reveal a golden crescent moon that the cat leaped out of his arms and lands on the hood of an abandoned car while staring at him

“Nice kitty” said Macau has he backs away

This young man I sense something about him

“Oh no I am gonna be late” said Macau as he headed off to school

Could he be the one?

Macau made it to school on time before the bell rang to join his friends at the classroom and as usual he sees Korea almost late to the classroom before their teacher came in

“Good to see you on time, Mr. Korea” said Germany as he comes in with his briefcase “I got all of your tests graded and I gotta say that most of you passed but there are a few of you that need improvement”

Germany begins to hand out everyone’s exams back as for Korea he got the worst score of 30% on his test that he slumped on his desk.
After school

“Oh man I am DOOMED” said South Korea being all gloomy about it

“Korea it’s just one little test it’s not like the end of the world or anything” said Macau as he tries to calm his friend down

“Oh Maccy you don’t get it if my Dad finds out I failed this one he’ll ground me, cut my allowance and I am not gonna be allowed to play the new Sailor V game”

“Hey Dudes how about we check out the mall and have some fun. So Maccy in you in on it Man?” said America as he joined them “I saw some CDs on Sale as well as wicked cool video games”

“Sure besides I have nothing to do anyways” said Macau

“We can get Ice Cream” said South Korea already happy starting to feel better “We’ll see you at the mall America”

“Ok Dudes. Later” said America as he left
In an unknown part of time and space, an evil plot is happening. On the throne sat a wicked woman looking at a crystal ball named Queen Beyrl for she was plotting something truly evil

“I shall have my revenge for being destroyed nearly a millennium ago”

“Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss……” said a drone of voices that swore their loyalty to her since the day before the Moon Kingdom was destroyed but they were not fully reincarnated physically

“We need a great amount of energy we shall get it from the pathetic humans of Earth. So Jedite present yourself to me”

A young man in a gray and red uniform with short blond hair presents himself to her

“I am here at your service, My Queen I will not fail you” said Jedite as he bowed to her “I have just sent out one of our own to possess a person on Earth to gather the energy”

“Don’t fail me”
“Yummy ice cream” said Korea happily eating it along with America while Macau has thoughts about the cat he saw before going to school but his thoughts were soon interrupted by a loud voice


“Dudes isn’t that from the Multimedia store?” asked America

“You’re right” said Macau “It’s kind of odd that Estonia has a sale that great”

“Who cares? Let’s go in” said Korea as he got in along with his friends “LET US THROUGH”

Estonia smirks all evil like behind the megaphone “That’s it you Pathetic Humans give all your energy to the Negaverse”

“You are doing well Estonia keep it going and gather all the energy from those pathetic humans” said Jedite holding an orb full of energy

“With pleasure” said Estonia in his mind while in contact with the Negaverse

“Estonia?” asked Korea

“Oh it’s you guys well my favorite customers are here” said Estonia as he back into reality as he presented them with different stacks of CDs DVDs and Video games

“No way I can afford these CDs” said Korea
“Nor these videogames Dude” said America looking at them

“Of course you can for ten dollars” said Estonia with enthusiasm

“THAT MUCH FOR TEN DOLLARS??!!!!!!” yelled Korea and America with such excitement that the crowd went crazy so Macau managed to get away

“Hey Maccy wait for me” said Korea as he caught up with his friend that they managed to get out safely

“That was very strange of Estonia for doing that” said Macau as the two began to walk home

Shortly after that they continued their conversation on their way to their respective homes

“Man I can’t show this to Pops he’ll be mad” said Korea as he crumpled up the paper to throw it away “I AM NOT GONNA SHOW HIM THIS”

“Hey watch it” called out a female European voice. Both Macau and Korea turned around to see a small Monégasque woman looked at it “A 30? Admirable”

“HEY” Korea yelled out as he and Macau saw her but he saw his best friend blush at her sight

“Are you just stupid? Or lazy?” asked the woman in a serious tone

“Give me that” said Korea as he snatched his test back then he noticed that the woman looked at Macau and blushed back

“I’m sorry Miss my friend is just upset about the situation so don’t mind him” said Macau apologizing to her “We gotta go now. Bye”

As she saw them leave she feels what of a strong presence from the young Macanese

“Something about him that I just don’t know” she thought after they left
After they parted ways Macau was walking along quietly and then stared at a Sailor V poster

“Oh wow the new Sailor V video game” said Macau as he looks at it in admiration “I wish I can be like Sailor V full of excitement and adventure but it will never happens anyways” He let out a sigh and soon headed home

“So he is the one” said the Cat as he saw him from a distance

Upon arriving home Macau was greeted by his Uncle Spain who he has been living him, his father, and brother since the car accident. After that Macau goes up to his room and lays on his bed there he saw the black cat he saved earlier that he got startled

“What are you doing here?” asked Macau in a scared voice

“Why Macau I came to see you of course” said the Cat

Macau got out of his bed staring at the creature

“A talking cat? I must be dreaming”

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Post by MacauSan on Jun 6th, 2012, 8:18pm

Then in an instant the cat clears his throat

“My name is Nocturne and I have been searching for you for a very long time” said Nocturne as he introduced himself and Macau is a bit shocked hearing the feline speak “You are the chosen one and I have been sent here to guide you on the path to your ultimate destiny”

“Huh? My destiny” asked Macau

“I wasn’t sure if you there one the first time we met, but I have been watching you and I know that you are…..The Sailor Senshi of the Moon” said Nocturne with a purr

“I am going nuts” said Macau as he covers himself

“No you are not Macau you are Sailor Moon and your friends are in big trouble you have got to help them” said Nocturne putting his paws on Macau’s head and then lets out a sigh “You don’t believe me? Well then I will have to prove it to you” Nocturne does a backwards flip with that it reveals a golden compact that has a crescent moon on it

“What is that?” asked Macau as he opened one eye

“It’s a special compact just for you” said Nocturne

“Wow it’s nice” said Macau he places it on his uniform

“It is not just a piece of jewelry. Sailor Moon is sworn to defend the Prince of the Moon. An evil force has appeared here on Earth and that compact will help you defeat them. You are Sailor Moon and you must fight evil whenever you confront it. You must be afraid” said Nocturne

“Kinda like Sailor V” said Macau

“Yes like so. You must repeat the phrase after me: Moon Prism Power” said Nocturne instructing him with the phrase

“Ok…..Moon Prism POWER!!!!!”

With that a shining light Macau’s body was somehow wrapped by ribbons and each one transformed into his outfit that somehow resemble a male Sailor Uniform with short sleeves, gloves that fit his forearms well, boots under his flare pants. On his forehead sports on a tiara with a red jewel and after that he strikes a pose of a peace sign

“Ok this dream is getting weirder and weirder I want to play Sailor V games NOT live them” said Macau all shocked about it

“You are Sailor Moon. You must believe in yourself no matter what” said Nocturne “I’ll be with you in every step of the way”

“Ok” said Macau as he and his cat companion ran to the Multimedia Store for now it was already nightfall and once they got there they saw America having his energy being sucked by Estonia who transformed into a strange monster

“Soon you and your kind will cease to exist once Queen Beyrl unleashes the Negaforce she will destroy you all”

“Let him go” said a voice and Estonia turned around to see a shadowed figure at the doorway “I said let him go!” He repeated

“And who are you?” asked Estonia

“Well…..uhhhhhh…..I am……I am Sailor Moon, The Champion of Justice. I say on behalf of the Moon. I shall right wrongs and triumph” said Macau introducing himself as well as doing a pose “And that means you”

“Sailor Moon? Never heard of you and I doubt I ever will again. Arise my minions time to serve to the Negaverse” said Estonia where hundreds of people including America are attacking Macau left and right till he saw on the ground a rose

“Who might you be?” asked Estonia looking up seeing a woman dressed in a leotard-like tuxedo outfit, a black cape with red lining inside. She spots a top hat on her head and a white mask on her face that only hides her eyes

“I am Tuxedo Mask! Sailor Moon look into your heart and find the warrior within you. It is your destiny!” said the Caped Maiden

“But what can I do? There is no way I can do it” said
Macau feeling scared

“Sailor Moon you can just use your tiara and say ‘Moon Tiara Action’” Nocturne instructed

“What good would that do?” asked Macau

“Just do it” the Cat yelled

As things got stranger Macau removed the tiara from his forehead and it turned into a flying discus and then got into a throwing position to aim at Estonia so he wouldn’t miss and yelled out

“Moon Tiara ACTION!!!!!”

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!” yelled Estonia as the monster within him left his body and changed back to normal that Macau looked up and blushed

“You did well Sailor Moon everyone is free. Others will test you so you mustn’t be afraid and I will fight along with you. Farewell” said Tuxedo Mask as she left
Nocturne got close to his companion “Are you all right Sailor Moon?”

“She is so gorgeous” said Macau as he has fallen in love with the masked woman
Meanwhile the energy that Jedite gathered is all gone

“W-what?!! The energy is all gone! Someone will pay dearly for this” growled Jedite bitterly for he will face the wrath of Queen Beyrl
“Dudes you’re not gonna believe this I was being attacked by this weird monster and then this cool hero named Sailor Moon saved the day” said America full of excitement “I so wanna meet THE HERO!!!”

“I know it was like the weirdest thing. Right Maccy? Isn’t that the weirdest thing?” asked Korea as he saw Macau practically asleep at his desk

“Can you guys keep it down please? I didn’t get any sleep last night” said Macau with a yawn and takes a nap “Good night”

((This is just the beginning you guys~~))

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Chapter 2

A few weeks have passed since Macau learned that he has become the Champion of Justice, Sailor Moon since he is advised by Nocturne not to tell anyone about it so he now knows that he has to balance his now double life.

One day Macau was doing his homework as usual that the black feline jumped on his desk

“Say Macau if you ever need help with something please let know” said Nocturne as he was leaping to the window

“Where are you going?”

“I just need to do something quick but I will be back by the time you’re asleep” said Nocturne

“Ok” said Macau as he saw Nocturne leave

He convinced his father to keep Nocturne since he does need a pet especially since in the following year his brother Brazil is not only graduating from High School but also might have a contract with a professional soccer team so he will be leaving the house so Portugal lets his son keep the feline

Nocturne sneaks into Crown Video Arcade’s back entrance turns on one of the video games where a voice says

“Welcome to Sailor V’s Video Challenge. Touch the Screen if you want to continue”

“This is Nocturne I am checking in for new instructions” said Nocturne speaking to the screen

“What do you have to report Nocturne?”

“I often worry about Macau having to deal with his double that he now has especially with everything that has happened to him” said Nocturne feeling a bit concerned

“He will be all right just be patient. Key in your access code we have new information for you to investigate”

Nocturne pushes on some symbols with his paw to reveal a photograph of a young man with a tanned complexion with brown wavy hair that is somewhat spiky with gold eyes & glasses on while wearing the uniform that Macau wears at school

“Who’s this?”

“A new student at Macau’s school we sense something about him. He could be from the Negaverse”

“Got it”

The next day at school as usual Macau sees his friend Korea who came earlier than usual that as soon as he took his seat Mr. Germany came in with his briefcase

“Well good to see you so early, Mr. Korea well everyone we got a new student joining us. Please come in”

Everyone including Macau was surprised to meet the new student for he was in a good mood and begins to introduce himself

“Hello everyone my name is Thailand. It’s a pleasure to meet you all and I hope we can be really good friends” said Thailand with a smile

“Thailand is a transfer student from the Prestigious Boarding School across town so I want you all to make him feel welcomed” said Germany “There is a seat behind Liechtenstein you can take that”

“Thank you” said Thailand as he took his seat

During the lecture Macau was not only taking notes but somewhat daydreaming about what has happened to him these past few weeks. Thailand was taking his notes and following the lecture soon he received notes of insults like airhead, Brain Farm reject, and Secret Snob it really hurt his feelings so he secretly puts the notes in his backpack to dispose of later.


Somewhere deep into the world of the Negaverse Queen Beyrl is somewhat unpleased of the work Jedite has been doing so like usual she listens to his new idea

“You see, My Queen the humans spend their vast amounts in the academic field especially a device called ‘The Computer’ so we shall their device against them” said Jedite

“Don’t fail me this time” said Queen Beyrl

“Yes My Queen” said Jedite

After school Macau walks alone since promised he joins Korea at the Crown for some fun that not far he saw Thailand who looked somewhat down but then he saw Nocturne lunging at Thailand

“Whoa you scared me Kitty so what were doing playing Lion of the Serengeti?” said Thailand as he petted Nocturne

What am I doing? Nocturne thought to himself as he was getting petted by Thailand

“You are a handsome kitty with your little crescent moon on your forehead” said Thailand that it wasn’t soon that Macau saw them and called out to his cat

“Nocturne” said Macau as lowered himself to pick him up “There’s my good kitty that’s a good boy. I am sorry he bothered you Thailand right?”

“You must be Macau and I wanna know something….” said Thailand looking at him

“What is it? Let’s walk together it’s no fun walking alone” said Macau as he walks with him

“Do you believe I am a ‘Brain Farm’ reject?” asked Thailand

“Of course not it’s just silly gossip by the students. Anyways Korea invited me over to Crown wanna come? Its lots of fun” said Macau “I would like to be your friend too”

“Sure I would love to go” said Thailand smiling

Nocturne whispers Macau’s saying that Thailand could be part of the Negaverse but Macau of course keeps telling his feline companion that is impossible for someone like Thailand can be on the side of the enemy so they arrived at Crown where Korea and America were playing the Sailor V video game but they lost as usual

“Hey Maccy” said Korea waving at Macau entering the Arcade with Thailand

“Hey that’s the new guy” said America “Say ever played video games?”

“I never played video games before” said Thailand seeing them trying

“This game is lots of fun. Try it out” said Macau

“Ok” said Thailand as he begins to play the game as he begins to defeat all sorts of monsters that the trio were surprised how the new student was so good at the game yet he has never played video games before

It wasn’t long that a group of other people crowded around them as they viewed in amazement that Thailand begins to get a high score that Lithuania Crown’s owner looks through the crowd

“Hey Guys what’s going on?” asked Lithuania

“Oh Hello Lithuania” said Macau as he greeted him

“Who’s that playing?”

“Oh this is my new friend Thailand. He is pretty good” said Macau that suddenly Thailand looks at his watch realizing that he is late for something

“Oh no I am late” said Thailand that ended the game

“He had over 100,000 points”

“What’s the rush all of a sudden?” asked Macau

“I am late for my Computer classes” said Thailand

“At the Cram School?” asked Macau as he helps with Thailand’s things

“Yes a special computer course only twice a week” said Thailand as begins to leave “See you tomorrow”

“Hold on” said Macau but he was already gone

“Oh Macau good thing I found you” said Lithuania “I believe you left your flash drive”

“That must be Thailand’s I’ll take it to him” said Macau as he went out with Nocturne on his shoulder

“Macau I think we should investigate the flash drive” said Nocturne

“What for?” asked Macau giving him a blank stare

“So we can see what he is up to” said Nocturne “Look there is a computer store we’ll check it out over there”

“Ummmmmmmmmmmm…….sure” said Macau

So with that the two began to go into the computer store where Macau inserted the flash drive and Nocturne was using the keyboard and moving the mouse around

“Hmmmmmmm…….for a cat you sure are pretty smart with computers” said Macau

“Well I gotta learn new things to keep up with the modern day” said Nocturne as he finished a blue screen appeared with some strange writing on it

“What does that say?” asked Macau looking at it

“Cover your ears, Macau” said Nocturne

“What’s that noise? What’s going on?” asked Macau as he has his ears covered due to some noise but it stopped once a voice said

“Welcome Students you have been chosen to give all your energy to our Highness Queen Beyrl”

“It’s a brainwashing program” said Nocturne turns to Macau “Your friend is from the Negaverse”


Meanwhile a shadow viewing from above were students from all sorts of schools looking as if they lost their energy were entering the building

Huhuhuhuhuhuh with all these minds Queen Beyrl will be pleased with all the energy they give thought a teacher as he saw the students Excellent so many helpless lambs

While the students were typing up Thailand was looking in his bag for something he has lost

“Oh no my flash drive I must have left is at the arcade” said Thailand as he got his textbook “I know I will just type up my homework right away”

“There you are” said the teacher as he placed his hand in Thailand’s shoulder which startled him a bit “I am very proud of the progress and energy you have put into this course. You’re my best student so I want you to lead the class today”

“Uhhhhhhhh…….sure” said Thailand

“Good class will start in a minute” said the teacher as he left
“Oh that was a relief I thought for sure he would scold me for losing my flash drive” said Thailand as he gets his things ready


“Here is the place but how am I gonna get in without being recognized?” asked Macau looking down at his feline companion

“I got it” said Nocturne as he does a backwards flip to reveal a light blue pen that has a somewhat sapphire gem on top “This is the Nocturne Pen”

Macau picks it up and holds it in his hands

“Is this one of your items?” he asked while admiring it

“Yes it is. This is a powerful transforming tool so you can become into anyone you want” said Nocturne

“Really?” asked Macau

“Yes all you have to do is say ‘Disguise Power’ and it will activate” said Nocturne instructing him on how to use it

“Ok…..DISGUISE POWER!!!!! Change me into a School Superintendent!!!!!” called out Macau as he transformed into a man in his late 20s with a suit and his hair slicked back so he went inside to the classroom and slams the door open

“Ok who’s in charge of this class?”

All the students looked at Macau in a creepy like state until Thailand stood up

“Can I help you? Is there an emergency of some kind?” asked Thailand

“More like a meltdown crisis Thailand” said Macau

“Have we met?” asked Thailand being all confused

“No time to act dumb now”

“It’s time for Sailor Moon” said Nocturne from doorway

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“Moon Prism POWER!!!!”

“Sailor Moon?” said Thailand in a surprised look as he saw the already transformed Senshi and then a hand covered his mouth

“Huh? What is it?” asked Macau

“Oh Thailand can’t I leave in charge for one minute. What’s the rude disruption? We’re trying to conduct a class here so I am afraid you’re gonna have to leave” said the teacher who just transformed into a hideous monster while still covering Thailand’s mouth

“This means Thailand wasn’t a part of the Negaverse so now what Noc?” asked Macau looking down at the freaked out feline

“Wing it” said Nocturne

“We know what you’re up to and let my friend go right now” said Macau “For I am Sailor Moon the Champion of Justice. I swear on behalf of the Moon I will right wrongs and triumph over and that means you”

“Pop quiz time” said the evil creature glaring at Macau


“This is a cram school and we want answers. 352 x 268?” said the monster giving him a math question

“Hold on a second you are not my teacher so I don’t have to answer” said Macau

“Too bad times up you flunked BIG!!!” yelled the monster as he slings papers at Macau as he tries his best to dodge every single one until he got cornered

“Oh no he’s cornered now” said Nocturne still viewing from the door

“This isn’t going so well” said Macau as he freaked out

“I’m giving you two choices: one you surrender now or two you surrender later” said monster

“I will never surrender” said Macau

“Are you sure about that?”

The zombie students begin to approach him as if they are ready to get him

“Nocturne help me” said Macau as he lets out a somewhat tiny whine

“As for you” said the monster as he got Thailand and presses his head to the computer screen “You thought you could get away from me. Didn’t you?”

Thailand feels the that they were gonna get him but it bounced right off and the monster keeps trying to get Thailand’s energy but with no success

“No one can resist the power of the Negaverse so give in now” said the monster as he threatens Thailand more

“I will never give in. Now let go of me NOW!!!!!” said Thailand and then all of a sudden he feels a glow on his forehead

“Where did this mark come from?” said the monster as he sees a mark on it that looked like the sign of Mercury

“Mercury” said Nocturne as he recognized it “Thailand isn’t a part of the Negaverse he is one of us so he is Sailor Mercury” With that he does his flip and reveals a blue stick with the symbol of Mercury on it and holds it in his mouth

“Who needs your energy anyways” said the monster as he tosses Thailand to the floor and is ready to attack him

“Thailand take this” said Nocturne as he pushes the stick towards him so Thailand got and begins to run so he can also dodge the attacks

“Shout Mercury Power” said Nocturne instructing him

Thailand not knowing what to do and as the monster is getting closer he gets the courage and soon he yells out


With that Thailand has a Sailor uniform like Macau only with blue colors

“Oh that was a close call I thought Sailor Mercury was a goner for sure” said Nocturne as he was relieved that Thailand transformed just in time “Now use your Mercury Bubbles”

“Mercury Bubbles……BLAST”

Thailand released bubbles that caused not only the monster to be cold but blinded in a fog that he managed to fool the monster left and right while the zombies collapsed and Macau was finally free
“Sailor Moon are you ok?” asked Thailand

“Yeah but the big ugly thing isn’t” said Macau as he removes his tiara and does his signature attack

“Moon Tiara ACTION!!!!”

With that the monster was defeated and all the students were back to normal now that their energy has been fully restored to them and soon Macau approaches Thai

“Thailand you’re Sailor Mercury that is so cool” said Macau smiling

“Welcome to the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mercury” said Nocturne welcoming him

After all the whole ordeal they went to eat at a café to celebrate their victory and union

“We can’t believe that we thought you were a spy for the Negaverse. We’re sorry” said Macau apologizing to his new friend

“It was mostly my fault” said Nocturne apologizing as well

“It’s ok you two. Once you guys saw what was in that flash drive I knew you would naturally be suspicious of me. I am just glad we beat them” said Thailand smiling and enjoying his drink

“Now that we’re friends we can hang out more” said Macau as he smiles and enjoys his drink while Nocturne is glad to know there are now 2 Senshi on the team and with their powers they will be able to defeat the Negaverse. It won’t be long till they find the third Senshi someday……..

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Chapter 3

It has been almost a few days since Thailand has become the Sailor Senshi of the waters, Sailor Mercury and has joined up with Macau for together they will now be able to fight the Negaverse. One day after school Macau with Nocturne on his shoulder and Korea following him behind met up with Thailand who was the bus stop

"Hey you guys" said Thailand

"I hear that we can get some really cool charms over at the Honda Temple" said Korea

"Charms?" asked Macau as he held Nocturne

"Yea there are like these wicked cool charms for anything I would so want one and ask……Sailor V out on a date" said Korea as he was getting lovey-dovey with hearts flying all around

"You know Korea you look like…" said Macau while Thailand finishes the sentence

"A love-sick frog waiting for a big bug to fly in its mouth"

Macau thinking about the charms he could use one to ask Monaco or even Tuxedo Mask out the thought of it made him blush

"Oh Macau you wanna get one as well? Cause I am thinking of getting it too" said Thailand

"You gotta girl that you love Thai?" asked Korea with a smirk on his face

"No I wanna get it so I can have the best grade in the upcoming test" said Thailand for he and the others saw somewhat of a bus disappearing into some black hole after it left the temple

"Did you see that?" asked Nocturne looking at Macau and Thailand

"Yea" said Macau looking a bit freaked out about it seeing the bus disappeared

"Whoa I am not taking the bus home after this but I do know that temple is owned by a guy named Japan who is known to have some psychic powers including reading into the fire" said Korea

"Well let's go check it out" said Thailand as he went into temple there he saw all sorts of people mainly Junior High and High School students from different schools purchasing all sorts of charms as well as doing a prayer

Meanwhile inside the temple was a young man with short black hair and dull brown eyes was doing some sort of prayers in front of the fire his name is Japan the priest and owner of the Honda Temple he is known to have mysterious powers mainly when it comes to fire readings that one particular reading involved the bus disappearances near his temple and having suspicions that the charms had something to do with this as well as his new assistant who is working for him that he left outside to introduce himself but instead of that he felt a presence when he saw Macau Korea and Thailand that he released a slip of a scared paper

"I won't have evi'r forces near my temp're…AHHHHHH!!!!!" yelled Japan has he hits his so called "evil force" that he slapped Macau with it that he fell over feeling unconscious from on it
Afterwards Macau woke up in Japan's bed that he sat up feeling a bit shook up from it beside him was Japan as well as Thailand and Korea

"I wanna ap'rogize of what I did ea'rier so I hope you can forgive me it was an accident" said Japan as he did a tiny bow

"Oh no no it's ok there was no harm done" said Macau as is much better now that he and the others see the sliding door opens up there was a young man with blond hair but his eyes are covered by his hair that he gives Japan the first-aid kit and some herbal tea

"Master Japan here are the things you asked for" said the young man as he gives them to Japan "Is there anything else you need?"

"No that's a'rr" said Japan

"All right then" He said then soon closed the door

"Who is he?" asked Thailand

"Oh that's just Jett he is my new assistant. Anyways my name is Japan the owner of the Honda Temp're" said Japan as he finally gives them a proper introduction

"I'm Macau those two are Thailand and Korea good friends of mine" said Macau as he introduced himself

"So is it true that the buses disappear from here?" asked Korea looking at him

"That I vague'ry know about it" said Japan "I am not responsib're for the buses disappearing"

Nocturne who was sitting in the doorway looks at Japan as he felt some sort of presence with him as if he could possibly be the third Senshi they're looking for

"Sorry for all the trouble but maybe we'll come back another time to buy some charms" said Thailand as he and the others were getting ready to depart

"Fee'r free to visit anytime" said Japan as he sees them leave but Nocturne left behind a red pen for Japan to keep

"What a strange 'rooking pen" said Japan as he picked it up and puts it away in his outfit pocket for safe keeping but little does he know that pen will help him soon
The next day Japan was doing his fire reading and revealed in the fire was Jett's face for he was responsible for the buses disappearance that he stormed off to his assistant's room

"JETT!!!" yelled Japan as he slammed the door open "You're the one responsib're for a'rr the buses disappearing fess up"

"Oh now you figured it out now? Well then…." said Jedite as he created a black hole with his own hand and soon the black hole became so big that sucked Japan in and it soon disappeared as well as Jedite
Meanwhile Macau went once more to see what's going on at the temple and headed to the bus stop and there he saw Korea with a bunch of other students who have purchased the charms at the temple

"Hey look Korea bought the charms" said Macau while holding Nocturne noticing Korea have finally bought one but for some strange reason he looked like if he was in a trance as well as the others as if their energy

"It was those charms all along. I think we should wait for Thailand so he can help us" said Macau

"There is no time and look the bus is coming" said Nocturne "So you better get ready to get on"

"Hold on" said Macau has he reached into his pocket to get the Nocturne Pen "DISGUISE POWER change me into a Tour Guide or something"

With the transformation done Macau has his hair in a slick ponytail with a cap on while wearing white polo shirt with black pants and dark shoes on

"Well we better hurry" said Nocturne as he and Macau see the bus coming and soon after the passengers got in they jumped on to confront the driver

"Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW!!!" said Macau

"I don't think so" said the Driver as she begins to drive the bus. With that a black hole began to form in the middle of the street and the bus drove right through it until it disappeared with Macau, Nocturne and the passengers inside the bus
Thailand who arrived to the bus stop to see it was too late and couldn't make it to them in time

"Oh no I am too late. There is no way I can help them now" said Thailand as he got on his knees and worries about his friends
In the other dimension Macau and Nocturne now see the other buses that have disappeared and looking into each one the passengers look like they feel asleep since their energy has been taken away from them. Soon they managed the driver

"So it was you who took all these people" said Macau who was still in his disguised form

"That's right and I got this one for a hostage" said the Driver who has a hold of Japan

"Let my friend go RIGHT NOW!!!!" said Macau

"I don't think so" said the Bus Driver who revealed "her" true form as an evil monster

Seeing how the situation is going on Macau rose his hand and let out his transformation cry


In an instant Macau transformed into Sailor Moon and is about to launch his attack on the monster but realized he can hurt Japan in the process

"Now for you" said the Monster looking at Japan "You shall give me all of your energy NOW"

"There is no way I wi'rr give my energy to you ug'ry thing" said Japan as he struggles and soon the red symbol of Mars glowed on his forehead

"So Japan has the sign of Mars all along" said Nocturne

The monster tosses Japan to the ground as a sign he is no longer needed and begins to launch an attack to the Moon Senshi

Macau saw this and begins to do his attack


"That isn't gonna work on me" said the Monster stopping his attack

"Oh no what now?" asked Macau as he got his tiara back and placed it back on

"Japan do you still have the pen I left you?" asked Nocturne as he approached him

"Wait you can ta'rk?" asked Japan looking at the feline

"I'll explain later" said Nocturne "Do you still have it?"

"Hai" said Japan as he took it out of his robe pocket

"You have to shout out 'Mars Power' and quickly" said Nocturne

"Ok…….Mars POWER!!!!" yelled out Japan his transformation and soon his Sailor outfit is similar to Macau's only it is in red and purples

"So Japan is Sailor Mars" said Macau

Japan placed his hands together with his two index fingers connected forming a fireball

"Mars Fire SOU'R!!!!"

The monster felt an intense feel from the flames and soon Macau got his tiara ready and aims it at the foul creature

"Moon Tiara ACTION!!!!"

With that the monster was defeated and while at the other side the energy Jedite has collected is gone as well yet he know he will face the wrath of his leader that the black hole of the dimension Macau, Japan and the buses were at

"Oh no the black hole is about to close. What do we do know?" said Macau
Meanwhile Thailand was holding his pen while quietly letting out a prayer of some sorts

"Please I beg of you in the name of Mercury please bring my friends back" said Thailand holding his pen and soon the light from his pen form a strong beam of light to keep the black hole from closing it

"It must be Sailor Mercury" said Nocturne

"We better hurry" said Japan

"Hey Sailor Boys going my way?" said Tuxedo Mask for she has appeared out of nowhere sitting in the driver's seat that Macau has fallen for her charms once again

"Boy you rea'rry 'rike this gir'r" said Japan

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"You guys better come on in" said Tuxedo Mask as she has the buses in tow

"Let's hitch a ride" said Nocturne

"Right" said Macau as he Japan and Nocturne got on the bus Tuxedo Mask was driving in and soon all of the buses were back to where they were and the passengers will soon wake up from their dream

Thailand runs up to them happily to see his fans are safe and sound

"I am glad you guys are ok" said Thailand and then sees Japan in his Senshi outfit "So Japan is…"

"That's right Japan is the Third Senshi, Sailor Mars" said Macau

"Oh wow now the three of us are now a trio. That's so great" said Thailand smiling knowing not only Japan is a Senshi but also a part of their team

Afterwards Japan and Macau changed back to their regular clothes and soon a familiar voice joined them

"Hey guys" said the voice of none other than Korea "Well it seems the charm didn't work Japan. Can I get a refund?"

"I am sorry but I don't give out refunds" said Japan with a soft laugh

"That's not fair" said Korea

Both Macau and Thailand started laugh over Korea's little fit but all and all there are now 3 Senshi on the team since now it will be just them long before they find the fourth

Sailor Senshi as well as a new mission that will be in store for them.
Later on Japan has agreed that the Temple will be somewhat their hangout place as well as knowing when the next creature will strike and future missions.
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Chapter 4

The weekend came into the Honda Temple in which Japan has joined as the third Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mars that he invited Macau, Thailand, and Korea to hang out with him well their peaceful moment got interrupted when Korea got a hold of Japan’s new Sailor V manga

“Oh cool ‘Sailor V Goes to Hollywood’ Let me borrow it Japan” said Korea holding it

“No way cause I didn’t get a chance to read it yet and knowing you are a crazy fanboy of her you’rr probab’ry droo’r on it” said Japan taking it back “So wait your turn”

“No fair Japan” said Korea having an argument with him

Macau was distracted with Pochi, Japan’s dog that made Nocturne a bit jealous while Thailand was flipping through one of Japan’s encyclopedias while the argument was going on

“Oh dear there they go” said Thailand “Macau better get ready for it”

“I know” said Macau looking down at Nocturne that was already getting frustrated about it

“Hey guys. Let’s get out here before we drive each other crazy” said Thailand

“Thai you don’t have homework to do?” asked Korea

“Nope I am 10 chapters ahead” said Thailand

“Where wou’rd you ‘rike to go?” asked Japan

“How about Dreamland?” asked Thailand showing them a newspaper article about it

“Hey the rides look wicked cool” said Korea looking at the newspaper article and with that he got up “Well then I’ll meet you guys there. See ya”

Shortly after Korea left Macau Japan and Nocturne were looking at the article

“It says here that it opened a few days ago” said Nocturne looking at it

“Yes and it says some strange disappearances have been going on” said Thailand

“I think it’s a good idea that we investigate” said Japan “After a’rr we can find out where the disappearances are at”

“Sounds like a good idea. Oh Nocturne I got you something” said Macau as he placed a green collar on him “There all set”

“Thank you” said Nocturne “You guys now know that the three of you are united yet we still need to find 2 more Senshi and we got a new mission”

“What kind of new mission?” asked Thailand

“To find the Legendary Silver Crystal and the Moon Prince” said Nocturne

Meanwhile in Queen Beyrl’s lair she sees a hologram of Sailor Moon Mercury and the new Senshi Mars

“So now we got 3 meddling Sailor Senshi to deal with. Jedite you better have a good plan to get rid of them” said Queen Beyrl for she is annoyed by all the failed attempts Jedite has done to get the energy from the people on Earth and each attempt he is always defeated by the Sailor Senshi

“Don’t worry my Queen I got a good plan to get the energy” said Jedite

True to his word he disguised himself as a security guard in the Dreamland Amusement Park where he was surrounded by reporters from different newspapers and TV Stations

“So tell us is it true that hundreds of people disappear at the Park?” asked a Reporter interviewing Jedite

“Nonsense all of that stuff has been invented by the competition so I am afraid you’re gonna have to leave you’re bad for business” said Jedite as he pushes all the reporters out and many of them left disappointed for not being able to get their story out.

Meanwhile in the park the Senshi, Nocturne and Korea were checking out all sorts of rides, games and food, but the Senshi they have to investigate but how can they do it since Korea is with them…..

“I think we should split up” said Thailand “That way we cover more ground”

“Sounds good” said Japan

“We’re off” said Thailand while Nocturne is on his shoulder to check out the other side of the park

“Well Japan it looks like we’re partners in this one” said Macau placing his hand on Japan’s shoulder

“I just hope Korea can keep himse’rf busy whi’re we ‘rook around cause I have a bad fee’ring about a’rr this” said Japan investigating with Macau till Korea showed up with cotton candy

“Hey two you gotta taste the cotton candy it’s SO good” said Korea happily eating it that he even offer it to Japan and Macau

“No thanks Korea but I’ll have some later” said Macau kindly declining his friend’s offer

“Maybe ‘rater Korea for right now I…..”said Japan as he turned around and there he saw a lion staring at him that he freaked out and took a few steps back

“It’s ok there is nothing to worry about” said a sweet voice

“Huh?” asked Japan with a blank look

There in front of them was a young woman dressed like a princess in a fairy while holding an apple in her hand smiling at them that Korea instantly recognized her that he got on top of Japan with a grin on his face

“You’re the Dream Princess, the Keeper of Dreamland I saw you on TV” said Korea happily

“Get off me” said Japan rather that he knocked Korea off of him

“So you mean they are not real?” ask Macau while trying to pet the lion

“No he’s a robotic toy look” said the Dream Princess as she moved her hand that made the apple glow and soon all the animals started to appear like deer, tigers, a bear, and even some rabbits

“Oh wow that is so cool” said Korea hugging a bear “So soft”

“I don’t know I got a bad fee’ring about her ‘rike she cou’rd be part of the Negaverse” said Japan while looking at Macau

“What are you talking about Japan?” asked Macau while cuddling a soft brown rabbit “I think they’re kinda cute and besides she did say they’re only toys”

“At 2:00 this afternoon we’re gonna be having a party at the Dream Castle I hope you come” said the Princess showing them the castle that’s at the other side of the park “We’ll be having all sorts of snacks and treats”

“Yeah we’ll be there for sure” said Korea as he was full excitement about going

Soon afterwards Korea Japan and Macau got on a train that would take them to castle for Korea it’s for fun while Macau and Japan are gonna somewhat investigate on the matter while the train was stopping due to turtles crossing the path that Korea bumped into the backside of none other than the Monegasque girl, Monaco

“I’m sorry…huh? It’s you the one who insulted me sometime back” said Korea looking at her annoyed

“Hey I have a name you know it’s Monaco” said Monaco staring at Korea but then she saw Macau who was with him that she blushed that made Macau blush back which Japan sort of notice that Macau has a crush with her that he smirked at him while whispering

“So Macau is she the gir’r of your dreams? What about Tuxedo Mask?”

“Japan cut it out” said Macau as he blushes like crazy

Meanwhile Thailand entered the castle and Nocturne stood outside in case the others showed up but when they got there the doors closed with Thailand inside as well as the other park guests eating all sorts of cakes, cookies, and other desserts that Thailand felt something was wrong

Korea saw the doors were closed that he was somewhat disappointed but Macau and Japan saw Nocturne jump down from the tower to join them

“Thailand is in there so there is no way for us to get to him” said Nocturne

Thailand looks around and sees everyone enjoying themselves but then he sees the Dream Princess

“I hope all of you are enjoying yourselves” said the Princess as she smiled and then blew a somewhat red dust to create the illusion of a fairy tale forest and soon Thailand realizes this was all a trap as the Dream Princess uses the apple but this time to suck everyone’s energy including Thai’s who fell to the ground feeling weak for his energy was being taken

“I knew it this was a’rr a trap” said Japan as he Macau and Nocturne were outside the castle

“So you two better transform to save Thai and the others” said Nocturne “We can’t let the Negaverse win”

“Of course” said Macau “MOON PRISIM POWER”

“MARS POWER” yelled Japan as the two began to transform while Korea was looking a way inside the castle there he saw it his two friends transform into the Sailor Senshi but just to be safe he kept his distance

“Fire SOU’R!!!!!!” said Japan launching his attack on the door so he Macau and Nocturne can go inside but Jedite has been watching them as he was collecting all the energy

The two Senshi made it into the backstage of the castle and were greeted by the Princess

“Oh you finally arrived I hope you like this” said the Princess as she blew the red dust again to reveal the forest again

“Be careful you two this could be an illusion” said Nocturne in a warning tone

The Princess handed the flower crown to Macau but Japan slapped it away to only reveal that the flower crown is a snake and then bit his hand and afterwards it got turned into stone it wasn’t long and slowly Japan’s hand is turning into stone

“We gotta find a way to stop this” said Macau

“It’s no use Sailor Senshi” said the Princess as approached them and soon she had a transformation of her own

“Then the Dream Princess…..”said Nocturne as she had a different outfit and her facial looks were similar to a wooden puppet

“She was part of the Negaverse after all” said Macau

The Princess used her red dust again to reveal the forest and there was Tuxedo Mask on white Horse

“Hey Boys” said Tuxedo Mask as she approached them

“Tuxedo Mask you came just in the nick of time” said Macau as he was in love again by her presence
“Macau Tuxedo Mask is an illusion” said Nocturne but he soon knows that his charge is truly in love

The illusion disappear and Macau woke up from it soon joining Japan in helping Thailand up

“We’re g’rad you’re ok” said Japan

“Yeah but look the Princess’s hand her apple is the source to capture all the energy” said Thailand as he finally stood up better

“Better transform Thai” said Macau

“Gladly” said Thailand “MERCURY POWER”

Now all three Senshi are reunited and ready to fight

“You can’t beat me” said the Princess

“Oh yeah? Well then Mercury Bubbles……BLAST” yelled Thailand releasing his attack to create a fog around her “Now Japan”

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“Got it” said Japan as he grabbed his slip of paper and pasted in her forehead to immobilized her “Now Sai’ror Moon”

“You got it” said Macau as he removed the tiara from his forehead “Moon Tiara ACTION!!!!”

With that the Princess was turned into dust and the energy that Jedite had is gone and now once again he will have to face Queen Beyrl. The Castle has now disappeared and Korea found his friends began to confront them

“I saw you guys transform into the Sailor Senshi”

“Uh-oh the secret is out” said Macau

“It’s no use to hide it from him anymore” said Nocturne as he approached the angry Korean “Yes they are the Sailor Senshi and I am guiding them to not only find the Moon Prince but the Silver Crystal too. So can you keep their identities a secret?”

“Of course I will” said Korea smiling “But Maccy you owe me Ice Cream”

“Ok Korea and for that we will stay and have some fun too that includes you two as well” said Macau looking at Japan and Thailand
“Ok you win” said Thailand “So let’s have some fun”

“Make my ice cream vani’rra Maccy” said Japan

Macau bought everyone Ice Cream and some treats for his kitty companion who is currently on his shoulder

The four friends had a fun time at the park having fun as well as Nocturne who got enjoy some down time for now since he knows that their mission has barely just begun…….

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Chapter 5

“Moon Tiara ACTION!!!!” yelled Macau in a hologram that Jedite was viewing and he is frustrated on how much defeat he has to handle as well as dealing the lectures he gets from Queen Beyrl

“Huhuhuhu….Master Jedite I know that was a difficult moment for you dealing with those pesky Senshi” said a Woman’s voice behind Jedite while a water tornado appears

“So you have heard the problem, Thetis” said Jedite as he saw her out of the water looking like an ordinary woman with long blue-green hair, light blue dress and white gloves

“Besides I have the most perfect idea to get the humans’ energy” said Thetis as her eyes began to glow

The next day at school Korea shows Macau an ad announcing a contest where the grand prize is 2 tickets to cruise

“I think a cruise is a great idea don’t you think?” asked Korea

“Well it does look nice” said Macau “A cruise for 2……” In his mind he gets the image of inviting Monaco to go with him that he is daydreaming about her again

“Maccy snap out of it” said Korea “Let’s check it out after school”


After school Korea and Macau got to the raffle place and well Korea winds up getting the consolation prize of tissues

“Better luck next time” said the Raffle Announcer

“Maccy you give it a go since you got the skills” said Korea pushing his friend to try it since he know that Macau has the best luck around with that Macau tries it but winds up getting the silver marble which his prize is a new MP3 player

“That’s it” said Macau “I may not won the tickets but at least I got something that YOU wrecked Korea”

“Hey it wasn’t my fault ok” said Korea as he and Macau squeezed through and there they saw Japan in the school uniform they wear since he transferred to their school a few days only he’s in a different class

“Hey what are you two doing here?” asked Japan while carrying a shopping bag

“There is a raffle going on where the grand prize is 2 tickets to a cruise” said Macau

“You should try it Japan” said Korea while holding his tissues “It can be fun”

“We’rr I’rr try it just for fun” said Japan as he approached the raffle booth that he paid to try his luck and there using his power he managed to get the golden marble

“WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!” yelled the Announcer ringing the bell and handed Japan the prize in a decorated envelope

Later on at the park Japan and Korea were arguing about who gets the rights for the tickets

“Besides Korea I won them fair and square so I decide who goes with me and who doesn’t” said Japan

“Maybe rock paper scissors for it?” asked Macau

“Hey guys what are you guys doing?” asked Thailand as he saw his friends

“Oh Thai I am so g’rad you are here” said Japan “Sha’rr we discuss this at the Café?”

“Uhhhhhhhh…….sure” said Thailand as he and Japan went off to the Café which made Korea mad and Macau just sitting there

At the Café both Japan and Thailand were having a cup of hot chocolate while looking at the tickets

“So Thai’rand I have been thinking who to bring a’rong with for this cruise so I was thinking maybe you can join me” said Japan as he hands a ticket to Thailand

“Are you sure?” asked Thailand “What about Macau? He like that as well”

“Maybe when Korea isn’t around. So for now I want you besides we need to get to know each right?”

“Yea that’s right”

“Ok then I’rr pick you up at 7 ok?” said Japan as he left the Café

“Ok” said Thailand as he went home to get ready to go on the cruise

Later on Korea Macau and Nocturne were at the docks before the ship departs

“Ok we’re gonna get into sneak into the boat using the pen” said Korea

“But Korea the Nocturne Pen is only used for Sailor business” said Macau

“And you Korea have no right to misuse it especially if we have to track down the Negaverse” said Nocturne

“Yea yea yea go on Maccy you first” said Korea

“Ok ok” said Macau giving out a sigh “Disguise POWER!!!! Change me into a wicked cool photographer” His disguise form has shorter hair a colorful t-shirt, jeans, blue sneakers and sunglasses on his head

“Cool now we can get in” said Korea

“Nocturne I am sorry but” said Macau picking up Nocturne and putting him in the box

“I don’t like this at all” said Nocturne with a yowl as he got into the camera box while Macau and Korea sneaked into the back

Meanwhile Japan and Thailand got in with the rest of the passengers boarding into the ship it wasn’t long that it left the port and started its voyage. Both Jedite and Thetis were disguised as the Captain and First Mate of the ship being pleased how there are so many of them and enough energy to collect for Queen Beyrl

Korea decides to check out the main deck for fun and amusement while mingle with the crowd Macau on the other hands is at the other side of the deck photographing he finds suspicious until ran into the First Mate

“Are you lost?” she asked

“Ummmmmmmm…….yes” said Macau

“Don’t worry I will lead you back into the main deck” she said as she walked with him

Nocturne feels uncomfortable being inside the camera box but Macau is busy talking to the First Mate that she escorted him to the main deck. Thailand and Japan were having a good time talking and stuff that soon they decided to get a bite to eat at the ship’s dining hall where it was filled with all sorts of delicious food.

After all that the First Mate returned with the Captain in a room in which Macau was outside and opens the box

Nocturne takes a quick gasp of air “Finally I can breathe again. Next have air holes on it”

“I am sorry Nocturne but look” said Macau as he peeked in the door’s window

Both the Captain and First Mate were looking in a ball there they saw many people enjoying themselves and having a fun time which they will soon release their attack of getting energy from the ship’s passengers

“The Captain and The First Mate they must working for the Negaverse” said Nocturne

Korea saw Japan and Thailand that he goes over to see them “Hey guys what’s up?”

“Korea how did you get here?” asked Japan

“With Maccy and his Disguise Pen thingy” said Korea

“Then Macau is here?” asked Thailand

“Yup” said Korea “Enough chit chat let’s eat”

While dinner was going on there was a show with the Captain and his First Mate who changed into a formal gown and with that she transformed into her monstrous form and with her power she used it to manipulate the disco ball to get everyone’s energy

“Good work Thetis” said Jedite “Now we have enough energy to gather so we can give it to Queen Beyrl”

“So this was all…a trap?” asked Thailand

“Of course so I know who you pesky Senshi are” smirked Jedite

“Uh-oh” said Korea in fright “Now what you guys gonna do?”

“I got one and that is…….ESCAPE” said Japan as he, Korea and Thailand tried to make a run for the door but were stopped by the crew member

They looked and saw that the crew member turned into some sort gooish monster as well as other that they surrounded the trio but soon Macau heard them scream
“It’s time to transform now” said Nocturne

“You got it……MOON PRISIM POWER!!!!!” yelled Macau

“Now let’s leave them” said Jedite as he formed a black hole for him and Thetis to leave

“Not so fast”

“Who said that?” asked Thetis as she looked around and then up where Macau is shown by the window

“Oh it’s Sailor Moon” said Korea

“Yes and now I got you so it’s time for me to turn you into Moon Dust” said Macau pointing to Thetis

“I don’t think so” said Thetis as she hits Macau to the outer deck and there she joined him “So Sailor Moon let us fight”

“Ok then” said Macau being determined

“Now I will show you the great power of the Negaverse” said Thetis as she begins to use her power against him but instead



Those attacks were none other than Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury but thanks to the bubbles it created a fog that Thetis saw this and soon Macau uses his attack on her


Thetis was defeated in the form of water and Jedite seeing all this he retreated

“That was quick” said Thailand

“He may have escaped now but we wi’rr get next for sure” said Japan

“Yeah” said Macau with a nod


Soon Jedite returned and there he saw the image of Queen Beyrl looking scorn at him

“You let those pesky Senshi get away once again Jedite. So I will give you one final chance the next time you see them but if you fail me you know that the consequences will be extremely harsh”

“Yes my Queen” said Jedite as he saw her image disappear “Damn you Sailor Senshi I will get you yet you hear me?”


After the whole entire incident the ship returned to port with some disappointed customers hoping for a romantic cruise

Meanwhile the Senshi and Korea left the port tired and somewhat a bit tired

“Man I can’t believe that cruise was all a gyp” said Korea “But it was ok”

“Yea but you and Macau had to sneak into the ship and a waste of his Nocturne Pen” said Japan lecturing Korea

“Hey I just wanted to have some fun” said Korea

“Just a regular moment as usual” said Macau giving a small laugh

“Because of that I didn’t get a chance to study” said Thailand getting his textbook “Especially since we got a test coming soon”

“Oh boy and this is how I am gonna find the Moon Prince with these Senshi” said Nocturne giving himself a sigh of disappointment

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Chapter 6

At the Throne Room of the Negaverse, Jedite was in the center facing Queen Beyrl once again for always being defeated by the Sailor Senshi and failing to collect the energy from the Humans on Earth

“It’s not my fault those stupid boys get in my way I will find a way to defeat them you shall see, My Queen” said Jedite sounding in an annoyed tone

“You better or else you will be severely punished for all your failed attempts” said Queen Beyrl angrily
Meanwhile Macau and his faithful feline companion Nocturne were looking at the stars together through his bedroom window while viewing the constellations

“So many constellations that the stars can form like a picture” said Macau

“As a Senshi you need to learn about them and how they can affect the planet’s movements” said Nocturne letting out a yawn for he was ready to go to sleep while his charge keeps looking at the stars but all of a sudden a clouds were forming some sort of swirl and there was a holographic image of Jedite appearing which made the feline hiss while arching his back

“Hear me out Sailor Moon I will defeat you once and for all. So meet me at the Airport tomorrow or else” said Jedite as he breathed fire and made the image of the town being burned down

“I won’t let you get away from this Jedite” said Macau as he soon saw Jedite’s image disappear and soon headed off to the Temple to meet up with his friends and fellow Senshi

“So you got the message too Maccy?” asked Thailand

“Yes saying if we don’t meet him at the airport tomorrow night then the entire town would be destroyed” said Macau

“We’rr we better be ready this” said Japan

The next day at school Korea would usually greet his friends with his usual glomp but notice something about them that made him wonder

“Hey you three look pretty serious” said Korea “Is something bugging you?”

“We’rr we got something important to do” said Japan

“Yes so we will see you later Korea” said Macau

“Very soon” said Thailand as the three of them left “But we will hang out with you tomorrow”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….ok” said Korea “Now that is weird”
Soon after the bell rang they headed off to the Temple to take the train that would take them to the airport.
At the Airport all sorts of security guards were there securing the place but it wasn’t long till Jedite came in took their energy and made them all collapse which gave him a plan on what to do with the Senshi when they arrive.

Meanwhile were on their way via train they wonder what will happen once they face Jedite for now the sky has turned to night and city lights were glowing as they still travel at their destination……

Upon their arrival they got off to take a look around and Macau took a turn to see the guards with their red glowing eyes

“Guys I think we’re in trouble” said Macau freaking out as he and the other were being surrounded by them

“Not if I can’t he’rp it” said Japan kicking at one of them so that they can get through

“Look there is the run way. Let’s go” said Thailand as the Trio and their feline companion made through and they were still chasing them that they stopped and faced them

“Senshi it’s time to TRANSFORM” yelled out Nocture




Finally all three Senshi managed to transform and Thailand transformed his glasses into VR Goggles so he can see what the guards really are and Nocturne gave him a special computer to detect them better

“These guards are made of some sort of goo so Japan you must use your fire to melt them away” said Thailand after looking his computer

“You got Thai” said Japan as he began to focus “FIRE SOU’R”

The so-called guards were reduced to nothing and soon Jedite finally appeared to them

“So Senshi you managed to beat my guards but you are no match for what I will do now!” said Jedite as he used his power to make a plane move on its own going towards

“Watch out you three” said Nocturne with an alarming hiss

All three of them began to run for their lives and Nocturne stared at the villain that made Jedite laugh knowing that there is nothing he can do but watch as the Senshi were almost run over until his power made it stop when a red rose and there Jedite saw who threw it

Tuxedo Mask made her appearance

“So you appeared at last Tuxedo Girl” said Jedite

“You could say that and I will not let harm them in any way shape or form” said Tuxedo Mask

Macau smiled at her presence and there they started to go all out on a fight until Jedite shoved the masked heroine into the water

“She is out of the way and now its your turn Sailor Boys” said Jedite smirking at them as he once again used his power to make the plane move

“Not if we can’t help it” said Thailand

“But how?” asked Macau

“Mercury Bubbles…….BLAST” yelled out Thailand making the entire runway all foggy which made the plane stop in its tracks

Jedite looked around in confusion seeing all the fog that Japan released an ofuda and places it on his back

“Is that all you puny Senshi can do to me? Is release some fog? You are worthless in all this” said Jedite but little did he know is that once the fog lifted the plane moved revealed itself and is about to go after him that he begins to run from it and there he got confronted by the three Senshi

“Jedite it’s over so I suggest you give up right NOW!!!” said Macau

“I shall never surrender to this silly fight” said Jedite

“Oh? I wou’rdn’t be so sure” said Japan as he points out that the plane is making its move towards him

“We better get out of here you guys” said Thailand

“Good idea” said Japan as he and other depart viewing Jedite seeing the plane moving closer and closer that he felt Queen Beyrl’s power approaching him

“It’s time you return Jedite” said Queen Beyrl calling him back to her throne room where he was covered with scratches “You have failed me for the last time and for that you will be severely punished”

The evil Queen surrounded an ice-like casting around him and made it disappear and appearing in the shadows was a young man with semi-long wavy brown hair with a uniform similar to Jedite’s

“I hope you will do a lot more better than your predecessor and succeed, Nephlite” said Queen Beyrl
Meanwhile the Senshi were still at the site where Tuxedo Mask fell into the water and Nocturne viewing this lowered his head in sadness

“Tuxedo Mask……..she gave her life to save us”

“I know and I will miss her so much” said Macau shedding some tears while the others comfort him as a shadow casts itself in the moonlight and its none other than Tuxedo Mask herself

“Well even though he is defeated but we shall facing more new enemies that come your way and I will be there to guide you so…….take care” said Tuxedo Mask as she took a graceful leap into the night sky

True to what Tuxedo Mask said they will face someone maybe someone much stronger than Jedite but whatever comes their way they’re ready for it.

Re: Sailor Asia
Post by MacauSan on Apr 25th, 2013, 02:48am

At the deep part of the Negaverse Queen Beyrl told Nephlite all that has happened during Jedite’s control and how he failed to get the energy from the Humans of Earth

“Now you know the situation Nephlite we need that energy from those humans” said Beyrl as she continues to move her hands over a ball

“Don’t you worry your highness I have a plan all figured out” said Nephlite

“And how are you gonna do it Nephlite?” asked a figure who appeared before them

“It’s none of your concerns, Zoisite” said Nephlite rather annoyed “Anyways as I was saying unlike Jedite he tried to get the energy from many humans as he can, but wound up failing him. So I decided to use the powers of the stars to guide me and would lure me to my victim once their energy levels are at their peak quite easily to get one at a time.”

“Let’s just see how it goes” said Zoisite as he disappears

It wasn’t long till he went to an abandoned mansion there became an image of the Solar System along with the stars there he stares at it

Powers of the Negaverse I seek your guidance with my new victim

Soon a light goes through his forehead and detects his victim

The Maiden Virgo gave me a victim who’s energy level is at its peak. A soccer player with a passion for the game, Brazil you’re mine now


Meanwhile at the World Academy the Junior High Students were watching the High School Soccer Team practice from behind the fence one of the students was kicking a ball all the way through the goal and everyone let out shouts of excitement

“You did it especially you Big Brother” said Macau in excitement as he saw Brazil that made the goal

Japan and Thailand were a bit surprised to learn that Macau addressed the Capitan of the High School Soccer Team “Big Brother”

“Maccy how is it that Brazi’r is your o’rder brother?” asked Japan looking at him

“Yea I mean you two don’t look alike” said Thailand as he was looking at him in a confused look

“Oh that’s because my parents adopted him before I was born. Despite we’re 3 years apart he’s a great older brother as much as Korea has been a great cousin” said Macau as he explained to them

Now the whole cousin comment now made Japan and Thailand made more shocked than ever

“He he well we’re family after all plus I am his faithful sidekick” said Korea as he placed his hands over Macau’s shoulders making his cheeky smile yet that moment was cut short when a red sports car appeared in front of the Soccer Field once the car was parked and there a man with brown wavy hair steps out of the car and looks through the fence where the Junior High Schoolers were at

“Who is he?”

“Dudes that guy is known to have his own company but all I wanna know where did he get those set of wheels” said America as he finished explaining who the stranger was, but then they saw him jump over the fence and into the soccer field they we all amazed when he landed

“Excuse me, Sir you don’t have a pass to be here” said Brazil looking at him

“It’s ok I am a Soccer Coach” said Nephlite in a deeper voice that he has for a civilian form

“Who are you?”

“I am Maxfield Stanton I need you to give me the best kick that you have” said Nephlite as he went into the goal and Brazil did as he was told giving his best kick which ultimately he blocked it and all the students from both schools were in shocked that he was able to block the Soccer Star’s kick while holding the ball he placed somewhat a mark on it

Make sure that his energy goes at his highest point that can be used for the Negaverse

Nephlite handed the ball back to Brazil but at soon as the ball touched his hands his eyes changed to a more soulless look but no have seem to notice but Macau himself knowing that look was not his brother anymore it wasn’t long till the team’s goalie approached the goal that the possessed player gave a really strong kick that the ball hit the player’s stomach really hard that he fell to the fell to the ground

Later that night Nocturne to the Crown Arcade and was receiving some new information

“So that means we have a new enemy now from the Negaverse that is possibly stronger than Jedite?” asked Nocturne talking to the Screen

“Yes so you and the Senshi have to be on high alert when it comes your way”

“Of course” said Nocturne as he logs off the Game


The next day the Senshi and Korea along with Nocturne were at their usual meeting place at the Honda Temple discussing what has been going on lately

“So we are dea’ring with a enemy even stronger than Jedite now?” asked Japan

“Yes I did an investigation and now we must work harder than ever now” said Nocturne

“Probably this guy is after the Crystal thing too?” asked Korea

“Yes since he is part of the Negaverse so you three have to be ready” said Nocturne “After all we still find the Prince and the Crystal to keep them safe”

“Where my brother goes we’ll be there” said Macau looking over the town from the temple knowing that his brother went through a strange transformation lately since he touched the ball that day which he really now needs to focus on saving him cause he is only brother that he has


So the next day after school the High School Soccer Team were practicing and Brazil was still giving the team violent kicks, passes and goals that caused some pain into his teammates but it wasn’t long till he felt a strange force going into his body and coming out of the soccer ball was a monster with a strange outfit and wild hair

Macau got to the school grounds and saw the monster appeared so he got there and was about to transform


The monster was about to steal Brazil’s energy until….

“Stop right there Weirdo. How dare you trying to take this innocent soccer player’s energy after all he went through”

“Let’s play some soccer” said the Monster as he makes a ball from the flames in his hands

“Sorry but I am not that really well in the game” said Macau in a nervous tone while sweating

“That’s too bad” said the Monster as it shoots various balls at Macau while he is trying to avoid getting hit by them however a rose struck it across its face till got to the ground

“Oh Tuxedo Mask” said Macau as he saw the caped heroine who came to his rescue

“Sailor Moon are you ok?” asked Tuxedo Mask

“Yes I am now that you’re here”

“Good” said Tuxedo Mask smiling at him

The monster was not pleased about being attacked so once again it decided to hit them both but Tuxedo Masked revealed her cane and begins to hit it. The fireballs still aim at Macau more and he keeps dodging them to avoid being hit by them but then the Monster unleashes a huge fireball aiming straight towards him that Tuxedo Mask has got to get him with a great leap and he looks at her with a blush

Tuxedo Mask you are always there for me yet I still wonder who are you really.....Are you someone I know…?

Tuxedo Mask notices that the Monster is again about to unleash another fireball but she blocks the attack with a rose that hit its right between its eyes while being in midair

“Ok Sailor Moon” said Tuxedo Mask as she and Macau are safely on the ground again “Do it now”

“Yes” said Macau as he makes his attack


Japan and Thailand already transformed along with saw the whole thing while Brazil is still on the ground unconscious

“Looks like Maccy defeated it on his own” said Thailand

“Yes” said Japan looking through the fence with Thailand and Nocturne

“We’re one step closer to what we’re looking for” said Nocturne “Finding the Silver Crystal”


Well after that whole detail the High School Soccer team were practicing again but on a day off from practice The Senshi, Korea and Brazil were on the field by themselves

“Well Big Brother I am glad you’re ok now” said Macau

“Yea cause whatever it was it felt like a weird dream” said Brazil laughing “So ready to see my newest kick?”

“You know it”

“Ok” said Korea as he was leaning on the fence between Thailand and Japan “So Maccy defeated a monster all by himself?”

“Yes but it wou’rd have been better if we were there with him” said Japan

“I agree after all we are a team and we must analyze what this new enemy is doing” said Thailand

“HEADS UP!” yelled Brazil as he made his kick and it wound up hitting Korea in the face that he fell to the ground

“Well I did say ‘heads up’” said Brazil as he and the others find it funny

“Ha ha very funny” said Korea pouting while he was on the ground